Treasure Coast Homesteading group

Homesteading-passion-flowerAt our January meeting, club member Rose Caspary introduced the Treasure Coast Homesteading group–a local network created for the community to share experiences, skills and resources including plants and plant material, plus local classes and events.

Share via the group’s Facebook page. Homesteading topics include edible gardening, healthy food preparation and preservation, making skincare products and cleaning supplies, composting, beekeeping, and home brews. Post photos of your creations and experiences.

Based in Stuart, each gathering will be organized around a specific topic. Share seeds, plants, cuttings, ideas, skills, and resources. Support each other, socialize, and get together to have fun.

Edible gardening and the philosophy of the group is towards permaculture principles. Thereby, we do not recommend chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides or GMO plants or seeds.

The goal is to live a more self-sufficient, sustainable, economical and healthy life while forming friendships and attaining life-long skills.

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