July 16, 2015 Bobbi Spencer: Treasure Coast Fruit


Bobbi and 54# jakfruit

This Thursday, July 16th Bobbi Spencer, TCRFC Founder, Past President, and Master Gardener will give a presentation on what tropical and subtropical fruits grow in this area. This will be a great show for our many new members. She will also touch on fruits that are difficult to grow on the Treasure Coast without greenhouse protection. Learn the many options other than citrus to plant in your garden.

Some of the many varieties to be discussed include: Jakfruit (largest tree-born fruit to grow in the world!); Miracle Fruit (makes tart & acidic food taste sweet); Monstera (a lovely common landscape plant with a delicious edible fruit); Black Sapote (looks & tastes like chocolate pudding); and many more.

Come join us at 7 PM for a scrumptious tasting table this month that includes mango cobbler using fruit from our recent Taste of the Tropics event in PSL!

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