September 17, 2015 Bobbi Spencer: Backyard Medicine

Our speaker this month will be Bobbi Spencer, our Founder and Past President. The topic is Let Your Yard Cure You / Backyard Medicine featuring Mulberry Tea, Blackberry Oxymel salve (colds, sore throat), Dandelion tincture (arthritis, hangover), Raspberry Leaf Tea, Moringa, weeds that are good for you, and more.

Join us and please bring your spare fruit or prepared goodies cut or sliced and ready to enjoy the luscious bounty we enjoy here in Sunny South Florida for the Tasting Table! Also bring any spare tropical plants to share at the raffle table. If you have plants large enough for the auction, please tag them with the species. Putting them in plastic bags will help keep the tables clean.

Bring a friend and introduce them to the world of delicious, healthy backyard fruits. Their first meeting is free! A new membership starting this month will run through the end of 2016.

Keep those hands dirty!

Also, it is time for nominations this month and elections in October for club board members: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. We need a coordinator of volunteers for club outreach events such as the Taste of the Tropics and booths at fruit-related events. Also, someone to coordinate club trips, and organizers for the tasting table & seed exchange.

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