January 21, 2016 Anita Neal: Soil

UPDATES:   Slides from presentation (PDF)     Soil Food Web     Chop and drop
Anita-Neal-sidep60uOur January speaker will be Anita Neal, Director of the St. Lucie County Extension Service.
The topic is “Let’s talk about soil.” As gardeners, we’re always getting our hands dirty. But soil is so much more than dirt. Improving the quality of your soil is top priority if you want the best results from your fruit.

As usual we will have our raffle, auction and tasting table. Remember, renew your membership this month.

We begin the year with a new board. Larry Zimmerman is president, Marcel Cartagena continues as vice-president, Kathy Long is secretary, and Bobbi Spencer is now treasurer. Many thanks to outgoing president Michael Luciano.

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