April 21, 2016 Tropical Fruit self-help clinic

One of our members suggested we offer periodic self-help growing clinics at our meetings. Most of us joined the club to learn the how-to’s of growing specific tropical fruits. We have members with decades of practical information that would benefit all. Even though we have outside expert speakers, sometimes it is helpful to get together more informally and share our experiences, successes and failures, fertilizers, pollination, bugs, pruning, varieties, etc. This month we will focus on a few popular fruits (fig, banana, mango, jaboticaba).

In addition, we will have a demonstration of an inexpensive homemade worm bin per the recommendation of last month’s Sublime Soil group. Worm castings are a great way to enrich your soil generally, in container plants, as top-dressing for fruit trees, or as a soil amendment when planting a new tree. Keeping worms is also a great way to remove your food scraps from the waste stream going to the landfill. Plus it’s easy to do.

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