November 17, 2016 Noel Ramos – Annonas

noel-ramos-annonaThis month we have rare fruit grower Noel Ramos speaking about Annonas. Sugar Apple and Atemoya are two delicious rare fruits in the Annona family.

Noel has been involved with tropical agriculture and food sustainability in South Florida for the past 25 years and has been a board member of Slow Food Miami and Glades-To-Coast as well as the Broward Rare Fruit Council.  He has written over a dozen articles and book reviews which have appeared in the California Fruit Gardeners, the Rare Fruit Council International magazine and several others. His botanical photographs have also been published in many of these same publications as well as in the New York Times and Slow Food websites.

He has traveled extensively to many private farms, botanical gardens and research stations throughout the U.S, Europe and Latin America and lectures throughout the state to different agricultural and environmental organizations.  Noel also leads botanical tours in Florida, Puerto Rico, California, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Currently at his garden in Fort Lauderdale, Noel is growing and fruiting many species of rare tropical fruits including Sapotes, Jakfruit, Mangos, Coffee, Cacao and Annonas.

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