Change of venue starting June 15, 2017

Those who attended the meeting in May know the story.
( If you know someone who is interested and not on our email list–or does not use email–please let them know of the change. )

Since we had for several years participated in their general spring plant sale, as well as our own early summer Taste of the Tropics and plant sale at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden, we asked them if we could hold our meetings in the main building where we hold our Taste of the Tropics event. We agreed that having the Rare Fruit Club at the Botanical Garden was a good fit. It is now official. We will now be meeting, same time, same day, the third Thursday every month at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden at 7:00 pm.
.    Port St. Lucie Botanical Garden
.    2410 SE Westmoreland Blvd.
.    Port St. Lucie, FL
It is located just south of SE Port St Lucie Blvd. and two miles west of Hwy 1.

We will open the building to set up at 6:00, and people are welcome to arrive after about 6:30 for a little social time. We will continue to have our raffle, auction and tasting table as before.

One thing the Botanical Garden requested is that we not park in the circular drive out front. Although it is rare, if someone faints, etc. (which happened to someone at a recent event), the drive needs to be kept clear for emergency vehicles. There is plenty of parking on either side of the circle, and overflow parking in the grass area south of the pond as you arrive.

The venue change will be announced again in the reminder email the week of the meeting, and we will post a sign on the door at our previous meeting place on Rock Road that night.

Although it is farther for our members in Indian River County and Fort Pierce, when I checked the number of current members, there are more than three times as many members in PSL and south as there are in northern Treasure Coast. That led to a very positive response from members at the meeting for using the PSL Botanical Garden.

The backstory: at the beginning of May I was notified by the U.F. Research & Education center that they are changing their policy for non-university groups after hours, and will be adding a security fence and gate like all other similar facilities in the UF system. Once that new policy takes effect, we would need to find a different meeting place.  I spoke to the management of our current spot before the May meeting and learned that September would likely be the soonest we would need to vacate, but people wanted to go ahead and make the switch starting in June.


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