August 17, 2017 John Fedock–Compost Tea

Compost Tea – Rebuild Living Soil (Powerpoint presentation from the meeting)

How to improve the quality of your soil to optimize the health, vigor and productivity of your fruit trees and other plants in your garden is our topic this month. We will have a compost tea making workshop taught by John Fedock. John will share one of his passions: the art of “compost tea” making. A great alternative to chemical fertilizers; less expensive and much better for your plants, the environment, and ourselves.

Some topics John will discuss and demonstrate:
— What is compost tea?
— How to use compost tea to improve your garden.
— How to make compost tea.
— How and where to apply compost tea.
— How to build your own 5 gallon compost tea brewer.
— Microscopic video view: See for yourself what the soil life looks like in good compost tea.

• Bring any extra fruit or a fruit-based recipe for the tasting table.
• Bring any interesting plants for the raffle table.
• Members can bring (or bid on) auction plants (maximum of 3)

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