October 19, 2017–Grafting 101

UPDATE: Slide presentation from the meeting (PDF).
Check out the grafting videos (under the VIDEOS tab above)
as well as the top working video.
Propagation chart.
We have gotten many requests for a grafting class. Grafting is when you take a branch from a desired variety and splice it onto a seedling of the same species to make a new identical plant. If you have a favorite unusual mango variety that is only found in your Aunt Martha’s yard, grafting is the best way to make your own clone that will have all the same characteristics of flavor, texture, growth habit, etc. This month, club president Larry Zimmerman will go over the theory of grafting, the advantages of grafting, the tools needed, when to graft (which varies depending on the plant species), which trees to graft versus using other propagation methods, and demonstrate cleft & veneer grafts, the two most common grafting techniques. In the photo, note the swollen buds at the tip of the stem and base of leaf nodes. This is a mango in growth mode, ready to send out stems on a new graft.

• Remember the limit of 3 items for the auction (members only) so we can finish on time.
• Don’t forget to bring something for the tasting table and raffle table.

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