July 19, 2018–Mike Winterstein, Subtropical Horticultural Research Station

Mike Winterstein has worked at the USDA Subtropical Horticulture Research Station (SHRS) in Miami since 1994, the last 17 years as an Agricultural Research Technician (essentially a grower who collects and maintains a lot of data). Mike specializes in their subtropical and tropical fruit, cacao, and sugarcane collections. His work includes following Best  Management Practices, propagation (IE: grafting), setting up and executing collection and research plantings, collecting phenotypical (physical) data, updating SHRS and USDA databases, as well as formatting data for SHRS researchers. Mike also works directly with the State of Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Department of Plant Industry (DPI) and the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) shipping and receiving plant material from all over the world. This work involves knowledge of treaties, import restrictions, assays for specific pathogens, as well as the logistics of safe germplasm movement. Over the years he has become the SHRS field tour guide, hosting visiting scientists, educators, USDA administrators and horticultural groups. Current projects include the implementation of GRIN Global and creation of a GIS database system of the entire SHRS inventory and fields with collaborators from Florida International University.

The presentation will cover some of the horticultural and entomological research done at the SHRS. He will also show us how to navigate the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) website, also known as GRIN Global using the SHRS mango collection as an example. This is essentially the database of all the collections maintained by NPGS as well as historic information, data collected on collections, and a distribution system for researchers to receive material from the different repositories.

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