March 19, 2020–Chris Wenzel: POSTPONED

Topic:   Florida mangos: a farmer’s perspective. 

UPDATE: due to corona virus concerns, we will cancel this month’s meeting entirely. I considered creating a Skype video but I’d rather see Chris in person.
In the meantime, if you want to satisfy your Fruit Club fix, check out some of Chris’s YouTube videos below.

Chris Wenzel is the owner of Truly Tropical in Delray Beach Florida. The farm is more than 100 years old, but Chris began Truly Tropical 20 years ago. The five-acre farm is devoted to growing tropical fruit, especially mangos. 

      Fewer than 20 original trees are still on the property. At last count, the farm has approximately 300 tropical fruit trees, 90% of them are mango trees. Chris is a mango enthusiast and grows more than 80 unique varieties. The primary business of Truly Tropical is selling fruit, but Truly Tropical also has tropical fruit trees for sale. This year, for the first time, Truly Tropical is offering hard to find mango varieties in 1-gallon pots. 

      In addition to keeping up with the farm, Chris has a successful YouTube channel with over 400 videos covering a wide range of topics from top working trees, grafting, mango varieties and even field trips to other interesting fruit farms and to the collections of tropical fruit enthusiasts.

Several of Chris’s videos are linked on this web site:
Stumped Mango graft here,
Topworking a mango here,
(also General mango grafting here
& Pruning a mango here scroll down).

Plant auction: TCRFC members (only) can bring up to 3 plants, preferably something that fruits or is edible. Anyone can bring something for the raffle. Again the preference is edible plants or garden related items.

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