Alex: Mango favorites



This is the list of Alex Salazar‘s favorites from his PowerPoint presentation 9/15/2016:
Angie (early/mid)            Similar flavor to Carrie, better color & disease resistance
Beverly (late)
Cac (mid)
Duncan (mid)
Florigon (early)
Glenn (early)
Kesar (mid)
Lemon Zest (mid)
Maha Chanok (mid)       “Wonderful bouquet and very sweet flavor with floral notes.”
** Pickering (mid)         One that “everyone in FL should have in their yard”
** Sweet Tart (mid)        Favorite flavor
Venus (late)                      “A very precocious and productive tree, intense and richly sweet.”

Alex later added these just for eating quality (because you can’t have too many favorites)
Fairchild ruby/J-12
Lemon Meringue
Piña Colada
Pineapple pleasure

Here’s our short list of favorites.