Green Papaya Recipes

I love papaya ripe, but it is so versitile when green. When the trees get going, there is lots of fruit. Google recipes, but here are a few ideas.

Green Papaya Thai Salad

Green Papaya Curry

BBQ Green Papaya. Substitute papaya cut in cubes for jackfruit in this recipe.

Green Papaya Chutney  I use this recipe from the GoodFood a basis:

Add 1/2 teaspoon chili powder or other hot component to taste.
Also I usually add 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika.
I remove the cardamon husks (use the seeds only).
I may add raisins or chopped dates, plus seeds (sunflower, pumpkin).
Also add the papaya seeds for a peppery flavor.
Letting the raw ingredients sit over night in the fridge pulls out the water. Depending on the moisture content of the papaya, it may be too dry. If so, add the vinegar and sugar before cooking. If it is too wet, I may remove some of the water and add it to another dish.
After cooking, if there is still too much liquid you can drain most, add thickener, (arrowroot, tapioca powder), cook until thick and add it back into the chutney.

These are 3 papaya plants, all from a random fruit from the store. Squeeze the seeds before planting to get rid of the hormone juice that keeps them from germinating. Sprouted in a pot then transplanted. They grew up into one female plant (center with rounded fruit) and two inter-sex plants. Early winter is a good time for them to fruit in Florida: no Caribbean Fruit Flies!