House & Tropical Food Forest

Heidi recently reached out about her family’s house and tropical food forest in the Tampa area. If you are interested, here is her note and contact information along with a plant list:
Heidi house & garden.pdf

Hello, fellow fruit lovers, 

My family and I have spent the last several years developing our Florida yard into a food forest.  We are now moving out of the country to continue propagating these plants and our house is for sale.  As we have invested so much into this space, we would love to leave it in the hands of someone who appreciates what has been done and add to it as well.  We are wondering if it is possible to let the members of your club know about this opportunity; there are more details in the attachment.  We have planted over 120 species, some of them exceedingly rare and many already producing fruit.  We even have breadfruit and cacao, which are not supposed to grow here according to reports, but they have survived already several winters (one of them extremely cold)!  

We are hopeful that you will share this with your members, if for no other reason than to have a tour of this amazing ecosystem. 

Many thanks,