Jackfruit chili

I found this recipe for Vegan Pulled Jackfruit Chili online. Of course, I didn’t have everything in the recipe on hand: black eyed peas not kidneys; left out the hot peppers.
It turned out great.

Tips for picking green jackfruit:
Among other fruit we had on display at the 2018 Taste of the Tropics event at PSL Botanical Garden 6/16, was an 11.5# green jackfruit. None of the jackfruit where we picked fruit at the Fruit & Spice park or TREC were anywhere near ready (last year’s hurricane was a large reason for that). Instead, we picked several baby jackfruit to prep and freeze for later use. They ranged in size from 4# to the 11.5# one. We picked them and immediately turned them upside down because the stem will ooze latex,  propped them against the tree trunks and moved on to pick other fruit. Later we returned, wrapped the stems with paper towels, and added them to our cache. See the BBQ Jackfruit recipe for details on preparing the raw jackfruit. The BBQ-J made for the Taste event used about an 8# fruit. It was perfect. The seeds were the same size as canned jackfruit. The 11.5# was really too big but only because the seeds had the shell (similar to a shrimp shell) of a full size fruit. No problem: just separate the seeds and prepare them separately. A couple of other 8# fruit also had large seeds. From this year’s experience, it seems 5-6# is the ideal size.