You will be happy with any of these mangos.
Most mangos fruit in June and July. If you have more than one tree, consider getting early or late varieties to extend the season.
Just about any mango you grow yourself is far superior to supermarket mangos. Here’s why
⊕  Fairchild Garden Curator’s Choice Mangos   2014   2017   2019
†   Webmaster’s favorites.
Here are few video descriptions by Dr. Jonathan Crane at TREC of some popular mango cultivars:
.                                  (overview       harvesting)
Carrie †                    Soft, fiber-less, excellent sweet flavor
Cushman                 July-August
Edward †                 Excellent flavor, shy producer without micronutrients
Julie                         Favorite in Jamaica, for good reason. Highly susceptible to Anthracnose in FL.
                                     alternative: Ruby & Graham taste a lot like Julie, but are more disease resistant.
Keitt                         August-October, huge fruit, juvenile trees have disease problems.
Kent                         July-August, large tree, very productive
Mallika ⊕ †            Usually picked mature green and ripened in a warm area for best flavor.
.                                 (Good if you have drive-by raiders. Shhh, they won’t know they’re ready.)
Some excellent fiber-less mango cultivars:
Coconut Cream     Tastes like coconut cream pie, though production isn’t as good as Pickering.
Lemon Zest † *      Lemon Meringue* is incredible, “Lemon Zest” is more…zesty.
Orange Sherbet†  Oh my … another top-tier mango from Zill.
Extend the season with these small trees:
Rosigold  ⊕             Mid to late March
Angie ⊕ *                Beautiful red tint, intense mango flavor. Early.
Other recommended small-tree, fiber-less varieties
Cogshall ⊕              Great flavor and color
Glenn †                    Excellent flavor, color, and scent. Extra disease resistant
Nam Doc Mai ⊕    From Thailand, one of the best Asian mangos
Pickering*           Excellent flavor, hint of coconut.  Polific, small tree, fruits very young
Sweet Tart              This got highest marks from mango grower Alex Salazar* at our Sept.’16 meeting.
.                                 Alex’s favorites for eating quality.
Pictures and ratings on Pine Island Mango Variety Viewer   (Great pics by Ian Maguire)
.   A word of caution about the Variety Viewer. Some of their recommendations are off base.
.   Young / Tebow does not compare well to Edward in MHO; Lancitilla is not a small tree.

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