Here are links to planting instructions:

From Hopkins wholesale tropical fruit nursery in Immokalee, who also sell plants at many garden events around the state.
General planting instructions,
Planting Figs,
Planting Blueberries (& Miracle Fruit)
Maintaining plant height

From Excalibur Nursery: Planting Instructions

From the Brevard Tropical Fruit Club: Planting Instructions from their annual spring tree sale.

Planting a fruit tree in Florida sand.

Root-bound container tree? You should check inside the pot closely to be sure the roots are not growing in circles. If  any circling roots are pencil size or larger, or if the first main branching root (topmost lateral root) is more than an inch below the soil, you need to take more drastic measures to ensure the health of your new tree.

Root-bound recommendations from the U of MN: Part 1  and Part 2