A few answers to questions asked by readers.
Timing issues relate to Treasure Coast weather.

Q: Do you fertilize mangos and other tropicals now or wait till blossoms set?
(asked mid November)

Q: I have a lot of black film on mango and longan leaves; I can rub it off with my fingers. Sprayed with copper last week–how often and how many times should I spray? I want to get rid of it before the trees blossom. Anything else I should spray them with?
(asked early January)

Q: My mango is not fruiting / my mango drops all the fruit before it ripens.

Q. It’s cold outside in the Treasure Coast.
How do I protect my trees from the weather?

Q. What should I do after harvesting mangos?

Q. How do I get my Lychee to fruit?

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