Rare fruit worth exploring

This is a new page for fruit that is tricky to grow here.
If you are successfully growing them, let us know how.

NaranjillaSolanum quitoense Home turf for this fruit is the Andes mountains which are tropical but with moderate heat and high humidity. It does not like our high heat (>85/29°), is very susceptible to root-knot nematodes, and is prone to fungus attack. This article from the 50s suggests grafting onto another root stock (Tree tomato is one). Growing it in a container should also keep the roots safe. Regular spraying with compost tea may help with fungus problems. Seeds: 1 2
Give it bright east morning light but protect from sun the rest of the day. It needs well drained soil but plenty of water. Lots of organic matter will discourage the bad nematodes, and good soil biology will help protect the plant roots from attack.
Growing it in a wicking box (earth box) might solve the nematode and water issues.

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