Fruit that grows in the Treasure Coast
That you may not want to eat.

Mountain SoursopMountain soursop–  Annona montana; annonaceae pH7.0-8.0
Very fibrous, usually bitter.

Pond Apple
–  Annona glabra; annonaceae pH 7.0-8.0. Pond Apple is enjoyed by wildlife, the fruit smells good but the flavor is described as bad cheese mixed with a dirty sock. Discussion of a search for a good tasting variety. (Dr. David Fairchild was looking back in 1939). People care because the pond apple grows well in areas subject to flooding. It has been used as a rootstock for that reason, with spotty success.

SunSapoteP10CSun Sapote♥♣ Licania platypus; Chrysobalanaceae
Incredibly fibrous. Like eating a scrub brush soaked in fruit. Cold sensitive. The fruit in the photo is from a tree at Unbelieveable Acres.

Surinam cherry Eugenia uniflora; Myrtaceae˙Surinam cherry has a disturbing resinous flavor that can overpower. The darker red the fruit, the riper and sweeter. Some people enjoy them but many cannot eat more than a very few. Black Surinam cherry has much less of the resin taste, enough that it is not objectionable. Black Surinam cherry seedlings may be red, but with less resin flavor.
Every seed that drops or is spread by birds will sprout, so it is quite invasive.